The World of Frogs...

Hatch green chili frog -

                                                      Patsi Hughes  (C)


 Step into my world of whimsical Frogs.

 Frogs, dance, sing, and drink. They golf, read, and play.

 Their personalities are a combination of people I know, and probably some you know!


 Frogs, are very good luck.

 Place them looking out the window and they bring money in.
 They are so important to our ecosystem that if we loose them, we are in BIG trouble.


 Frogs and toads can sometimes be seen as symbolic of re-creation, or as keepers of the secrets of    


 In many ancient Chinese tales and legends, the toad is a trickster and a magician, a master of
escapes and spells. But he is also the keeper of the real, powerful secrets of the world, such as 
the secret of immortality. Many legends involve a wandering wise man called Liu Hai and his three-legged toad companion Ch'an Chu. The toad knows the secret of eternal life, and for his friendship reveals the secret to the wise man. In Japan a similar legend involves the Gama-Sennin, also known as Kosensei, a wise old man with a hunched body and a warty face. Kosensei wanders the land with his toad companion, who teaches him the secret powers of herbs, including the secret of immortality.

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